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Cobb Theater Hollywood 16

Cobb Theater Hollywood 16 is an ultra-modern movie theater that offers movie watchers a siren environment and well-equipped facilities to watch the latest movies.

Patronizers of the theater are assured of a sumptuous snack with rich beverages when watching the movie. Beyond it being a venue for watching movies, event organizers normally host their mini-concerts and plays.


It has in the past also been used to hold business meetings and birthday celebrations.

Despite its huge capacity, they have some strict rules and regulations governing it and they are as follows:


It opened freely to people between the ages of 18-100, but with that, you would be scrutinized well to confirm your age.

Minors are not allowed to enter, and children between the ages of 1-17 are not allowed to enter unless they come in the company of their parent or guardian. They do that mostly because they believe some of the movies are not supposed to be watched by minors.

Cobb Theater Hollywood 16 also has this rule that visitors be scanned before they enter, in order to ensure no one is in the possession of any weapon. In the past, we have heard the news of people entering theaters with weapons to cause pandemonium.


Due to that, the security at the checkpoints is very vigilant when it comes to searching. Their location is easily traceable as they can be easily spotted by the roadside and are in the city of Alabama, one of the busiest towns in the United States of America.

The facility also has high-quality furniture which gives people some comfort.

Cobb Theater Hollywood 16 is widely known for always showing current movies, they have shown many blockbuster movies such as Strange World, Bones All, The Menu, Devotion, and Prey For The Devil. All these movies saw thousands of people queued up there to watch with tickets sold out.


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