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Chrisean Rock Slaps Natalie Nunn In An Instagram Live

Chrisean Rock Slaps Natalie Nunn In An Instagram Live

Chrisean Rock is becoming nothing but a nuisance with constant violence and unprovoked attacks on her pals and her boyfriend Blueface.

Chrisean in an Instagram live session with “Bhaddist South” blatantly slapped the show’s host Natalie Nunn turning the live session messy before it abruptly ended.

Interestingly, Chrisean took to brag about her attack on Natalie and they in turn dragged each other shamelessly. Chrisean Rock recently left Kai Cenat shattered after she threw a chair into his wall creating a hole. It’s been less than three weeks and here she is attacking another person on air.

Via Vlad;

An Instagram Live session with the women of “Baddies South” took a negative turn Tuesday night when Chrisean Rock slapped the show’s executive producer Natalie Nunn.

During the joining IG Live, Chrisean Rock seemed to be in a less celebratory mood than the other women. When asked about her mood, Rock expressed that she was feeling disrespected.

“I come out here because I’m enjoying myself with all these girls because they’re cool as s*** and I’m f****** with everybody, but soon as I feel disrespected…” Rock said before Natalie Nunn interjected. “It’s annoying because I didn’t come here to fight and if I’m fighting you gon’ be real upset ’cause when I’m riding I’m sliding.”

In an attempt to brighten the mood, the rest of the women started singing Rock’s 2021 song, “Vibe.” But, as Natalie Nunn continued speaking during the live session, Rock tried getting Nunn’s attention before slapping her.

“Why you smacked me in my face like that?” Nunn responded. “Why the f*** you smacked me in my face like that bro? No, my n**** what?”

Shortly afterward, the live ended and the women took to Twitter to debrief the altercation.

“Tell me why I’m just dat person to just not give a f*** but if I gotta slap you I will respectfully will,” Rock wrote.

In a since-deleted Instagram Story post, Nunn reacted to the altercation by writing, “Childish even at 23 I was a real rich a** b**** the f***. U will not I repeat disrespect me on my white momma that you keep saying is WHITE SHES PUERTO RICAN 100% b****. U and ur bulls*** can get the f*** off my s***!!!!!!! U JUST F***** UP BUT made me some more f****** money.”

Chrisean’s toxicity is intense at the moment. B—ch will go back to prison soon, she can harness her sh—ty lifestyle behind bars.

Here is the video of Chrisean Rock landing a slap on Natalie Nunn’s face:

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