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Chrisean Rock Questions Blueface On Why He Calls Her “B-tch”

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Blueface and Chrisean Rock are having a couple talk, I suppose for the first time in their entire relationship without hitting each other. The crazy couple on their silly Crazy In Love show discussed why Blueface constantly calls her a b-tch. Blueface has been calling Chrisean Rock a b-tch as he should all this while and she is now getting answers from him.

Blueface says calling CR a b-tch means she is a woman, (lame.) He also added that all CR’s friends call her a b-tch so she should not be worked up about him calling her so. From their conversation, it seems Blueface is not ready to stop calling CR a b-tch and I’m not surprised because she always walks around behaving like a b-tch.

If CR hates being called a b-tch so much, perhaps she could break up.

Media Take Out Reports;

Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s new show Crazy In Love aired over the weekend, and in the latest episode, Chrisean asks her man why he’s always calling her a “bitch.”

You not finna disrespect me for no reason,” he told her.

“You call me a bitch all the time,” Chrisean responded.

“OK, and you are one. I’ll call you a bitch. Bitch. Right now. Because that’s what you are,” he tells her, further explaining, “Do you have a vagina?. You wanna be a n-gga so bad. You wanna be a man so bad. I don’t wanna be with a man. I wanna be with a bitch. But if you wanna be a man, we can do this sh-t all day long. You call your friend and your friend call you a bitch all day long. Why you get offended ’cause I said it?”

Blueface insisted that he was not going to stop calling her out of her name, even telling her she needed to “find herself.”

Calling CR a b-tch is not what is wrong with their relationship. Their constant attacks on each other and toxic attitude should be at the top of their discussion. Moreover, they should be having a discussion on breakup and not who is calling who b-tch.

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