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Chrisean Rock Buys Wedding Gown And Claims She Is Getting Married Amid Her Breakup With Blueface

Chrisean Rock Buys Wedding Gown And Claims She Is Getting Married Amid Her Breakup With Blueface

While the drama surrounding Chrisean Rock‘s pregnancy and relationship is still ongoing, Chrisean Rock has purchased a wedding GOWN at Anita’s Bridal Boutique and told the workers that she is getting the dress for her big day on Friday, today.

Interestingly, Chrisean Rock did not disclose who the mystery man is, considering how terrible things are between her and Blueface, it will be surprising if he is the man to wed Rock. But hey, nothing is beyond Blueface and Chrisean Rock.

Aside from CR not having a man for her supposed wedding, she went shopping for her dress alone and also, two days before the said big day.

Well, Rock got a beautiful dress though. While CR and Blueface are known for pulling silly stunts, it is not clear if their recent breakup was staged to get attention for their supposed wedding. If it wasn’t staged, then CR will be getting married to Blueface, or likely, the whole wedding sh-t is false.

Let’s not forget Blueface said some other ten men are boffing Rock, it could also be one of them.

Via TMZ;

Chrisean Rock says she’s got a very big day coming up, she’s getting married — and she’s already locked down a wedding dress for the special occasion — though there may be some serious concern if she’s exchanging vows with Blueface.

Witnesses tell TMZ Chrisean stopped by Anita’s Bridal Boutique in DTLA Wednesday afternoon and told staffers she needed the perfect gown for Friday. Yep, Chrisean said she was getting married and was dress shopping only two days before the big day.

Our sources say she walked around and spotted a dress on a mannequin she instantly loved. We’re told she only tried it on one time, didn’t ask for any alterations and paid a down payment.

We should say, dresses at Anita’s ain’t cheap — ranging from $3.5K-$7K — so it’s pretty clear she’s serious about the whole thing.

One big mystery … she never specified who she was getting married to. Of course, she and Blueface have been together for quite some time — but they’re also always performing for cameras — so maybe she’ll pull something out of left field for the special occasion.

Chrisean recently announced she was pregnant, but it’s worth noting she and Blueface are also known for their blow-up fights, so it’s always possible things go completely sideways before exchanging any vows.

TMZ broke the story, shortly after her pregnancy announcement, Chrisean was filmed getting into a massive brawl with other women — an obvious concern for someone carrying.

We just hope everything remains civil for her walk down the aisle.

I sincerely hope she is not getting married to Blueface, these two are too toxic to be together.

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