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Chicago Rapper Spenzo Kidnapped And Assaulted By A Gang And Is Yet To Be Found

Chicago Rapper Spenzo Kidnapped And Assaulted By A Gang And Is Yet To Be Found

An online clash got physical and now Chicago rapper Spenzo has been kidnapped, assaulted, and out of reach. Spenzo got into a clash with a Chicago gang after he disrespected their dead friend.

One gang member reached out to Spenzo to take his comment down, but he refused by saying, “he said what he said,” and further threatened the gang member.

Well, the clash did not end online as Spenzo has been abducted and assaulted by his foes and they made sure to live stream the crime. Meanwhile, Spenzo has not been seen or heard from since the broadcasted attack.

Via Media Take Out;

A popular Chicago rapper named Spenzo was kidnapped over the weekend by his opps. And Media Take Out learned that the opps decided to go on Instagram Live and livestream Spenzo’s abduction, and subsequent assault.

The incident all started when Spenzo reportedly made disparaging comments about one of his dead opps.

A father of the fallen Chicago gang member confronted Spenzo in his DMs … and Spenzo threatened the man.

That’s when things went left.

According to social media reports, the dad – along with a few homies – pulled up on Spenzo and caught him lacking. They threatened the Chicago rapper with guns, and forced him into the backseat of their vehicle, where they beat him, and ripped off all his clothes. And they livestreamed the beatings.

Spenzo has not been seen or heard of since the incident. Media Take Out tried to reach out to the rapper on social media, but did not receive a response.

A few days ago, 3 Detroit rappers were kidnapped and subsequently killed, the killers have not been found, and I believe it is also gang-related. Spenzo is likely to be found dead just because a group of old men could not handle their emotions online.

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