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CEO Of Adinkra Pie Who Just Got Married To Despite’s Baby Mama Is Allegedly A Woman*zer

Adinkra Pie CEO Who Got Married To Despite's Baby Mama Is Allegedly A Womanizer Sleeping With Small Girls In Kumasi

The Chief Executive Officer of Adinkra Pie, Barima Osei Mensah, and Osei Kwame Despite’s baby mama of three kids, Anita Sefa Boakye, has married in a beautiful traditional ceremony which is reportedly a four-day ceremony.

But it seems Barima Osei Mensah has got some dirt he’s hiding under his sleeves—and thanks to some social media folks who seem to know him, the internet is now aware of his alleged secret dealings with small girls in Kumasi.

Some social media folks have alleged that Barima Osei Mensah is a woman*zer and has allegedly slept with small girls in Kurofrom and Ashtown and even gotten pregnant.

According to one of the commenters, his friend nearly became a victim of Barima Osei Mensah’s alleged b*nking spree. Look, the dude is filthy rich, and since woman*zing is common amongst rich folks, who cares about these allegations?

Read the screengrabs below…

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