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Celina Powell Drops S** Tape Of Her And Lil Meech After He Confirmed His Relationship With Summer Walker

OnlyFans Model Celine Powell And Summer Walker Are Beefing Over BMF's Lil Meech

Just like almost all black young talents, Lil Meech has accompanied his young career with wh-res and milfs, and it is gross. Lil Meech was rumored to be dating mother of three Summer Walker, and while the rumor was going viral, OnlyFans model Celina Powell started throwing shades and claiming the 23-year-old actor to himself.

Yesterday, Lil Meech decided to go Instagram official with Summer Walker, and Celina did what was expected of her and posted a video of her and Lil Meech having s-x. Celina has dated almost all the rappers in Hollywood and disgraced them in the end, but somehow, Lil Meech chose to have a relationship with her and even record intimate moments.

Via Media Take Out;

Media Take Out first broke the news yesterday that BMF star Lil Meech was in a committed relationship with R&B singer Summer Walker. Yesterday Lil Leech decided to make it official, by posting Summer on his Instagram page.

Well Meech announcing his new relationship appear to have triggered another woman in his life. The infamous IG thottie Celina Powell, who is known for having intimate relationships with dozens of celebrities, and later exposing them – got upset.

Celina first posted an image, showing her wearing Lil Meech’s chain – suggesting that the two have been dealing with each other.

Then, a few minutes later, Celina did the unthinkable. She posted a series of photos and videos purportedly showing herself and Lil Meech having intimate encounters, in a car and then later inside a public restroom.

Media Take Out has not been able to independently confirm whether it was Lil Meech in the videos, but it sure looks like him.

So far Lil Meech’s representatives have not responded to the apparent leak, nor has Summer Walker’s.

Lil Meech, real name Demetrius Flenory Jr., is an actor and rapper. He rose to fame portraying his father, Demetrius Flenory of Black Mafia Family, in 50 Cent’s BMF series adaptation.

Flenory Jr. received positive reception on his role as his father in the BMF television series. The Face described the actor’s performance as “brilliant” — despite it being his acting debut. The crime drama series had been renewed for a second season prior to the completed airing of the first season.

Lil Meech is supposed to be focused on getting other roles and dating his agemates, but no, he is also invested in these wh-res for some strange reasons and will forever taint his career with these silly dramas.

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