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Celebrity Social Media Modus Vivendi – July 22, 2021

Celebrity Social Media Modus Vivendi - July 22, 2021

Salma Mumin has made an Instagram post and I’m here trying to connect the dots to link it to her ‘enemy’, Moesha Buduong’s predicament. Salma Mumin hasn’t coughed about Moesha‘s insanity but just read what she wrote on Instagram.

“I am super happy right now I wish I could share the reason but I can’t 😄🙏🏾 MY WORTH JUST SHOT UP……..May y’all find happiness in all that you do 🙏🏾”.

Social media land guard, Adu Safowaah, is probably tired of beefing—as she has chosen a d***k over beef. Adu Safowaah says she isn’t responding to anyone’s BS because she’s got some d***k to jump on tonight. She says; “D*ck over beef….Seen all tags…. No video, no voice note from me… Never Ever…My boo is my boss in everything & I accord him that respect…”

Akua GMB could be referring to Tracey Boakye and her cronies for involving her in their beef with this post. She says she is focused, determined, and visionary and wouldn’t want to be involved in any drama. This is a straight jab at these old slay queens who have nothing doing with their time. Akua GMB says that;

“I am determined,focused and a visionary. I respect myself thats why i dont want to involve myself in any drama. I am not a weakling and I repeat i am not a weakling. To whom it may concern. Ive sent you a dm already. Madam pls do the needful . Thank you 🙏”.

And the new kid on the block, Black Sherif, is jamming to his own song “Second Sermon” with some dumbbells in his hands working out. It’s funny looking at his slim body with his visible ribs—as if he’s been starved for a decade. Here’s the video.

The Nigerian man of God, Bishop Oyedepo, says that the over 40 pastors were fired from his church because they were fruitless and brought nothing to the table. He denied firing them over their inability to generate enough income in their branches. Bishop Oyedepo says they are failures.