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Celebrity Social Media Modus Vivendi – July 20, 2021

Celebrity Social Media Modus Vivendi - July 20, 2021

Rich man’s wife, Fella Makafui, is on Instagram doing what she knows best—that’s posting pictures with meaningless captions. In these photos, she’s showing us her back and curves even though we are tired of seeing such pictures of her. Since there is no drama, posting pictures has become her hobby.

If this horse could speak, it would go like “I’m tired and can’t carry this body”. Lydia Forson has posted a video of herself riding a horse. This is animal abuse looking at Lydia’s thunder thighs and weight. Where are the animal rights advocates? She captioned the video; “I will CONSISTENTLY do the most random things. Like jump on a horse in the middle of road because I feel like it. Sorry to all my friends who have to deal with me.”

Salma Mumin and her partner in ‘crime’, Hajia4Reall, are here to wish their fellow Muslims happy Salah as today is Eid el-Adha. Let’s inhale some cuteness from these pictures of Salma Mumin and Hajia4Reall. Muslim girls ROCK!

Spending a few days in prison has really changed Akuapem Poloo and if not for prison, she would have posted another nvde photo of herself and her son on Instagram on Eid el-Adha—just for likes and to grab the headlines. Today is Eid el-Adha and she covered up with her son in photos posted on IG. All thanks to Child Rights International for taking that matter up and teaching her a lesson.

Our slay queen lawyer, Sandra Ankobiah, has landed in L’avenue – Paris, and doing what she does best. Someone’s father’s pocket is bleeding while she smiles and chills. Life’s good! Sandra Ankobiah says Paris is her second favourite city in the world and it’s all drawn on her face. Sandra is well travelled—all thanks to Papano???

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