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Cardi B While Blasting Rah Ali Confirms That Offset Will Address Cheating Rumors In His Upcoming Album

Cardi B While Blasting Rah Ali Confirms That Offset Will Address Cheating Rumors In His Upcoming Album

Cardi B seems not bothered about the cheating rumors of her husband Offset or at least she is forming tough online. The belligerent in one of her dramas with Rah Ali has confirmed that all issues concerning his husband’s scandalous cheating will be addressed in his upcoming album. And we are wondering what Offset said this time to get Cardi unfazed about this humiliating rumor.

Offset allegedly cheated on Cardi B a while back which almost led to divorce. However, the present rumor is more damning and embarrassing for Cardi to be on social media and be sh-tting on others while she has the biggest piece of sh-t at home.

Offset is presently being accused of cheating with his estranged cousin Quavo‘s girlfriend Saweetie. Strikingly, Saweetie is also Cardi B’s closest friend. Yep! This incident allegedly led to the collapse of Migos as Quavo confirms there’s trouble within the camp while explaining the single projects.

So for Cardi B to be running her mouth on social media, questioning Rah Alis’ kids’ paternity while Offset may be having babies with other women as well is crazy.

Via Jasmine Brand:

As previously reported, on his recently released album with Takeoff, Quavo seemingly referenced rumors that his ex-girlfriend Saweetie is the reason Migos is no longer together. Allegedly, Saweetie had a sexual relationship with Quavo’s estranged group member Offset — who is married to Cardi B. During the album he seemingly raps about the “Icy Girl,” saying:

“B*tch f*ck*d my dawg behind my back, but I ain’t stressin’ (Not at all)/You wanted the gang, you shoulda just said it, we would have blessed it (You shoulda just said it)/Now sh*t got messy (Uh).”

Cardi B, born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, got a hold of social media’s speculation about Offset cheating on her with Saweetie and recently revealed when he’ll be addressing the alleged incident.
Amid sending shots at Rah Ali, in a tweet Cardi B wrote:

“Baby Bop Ali keeps deleting my comment under her post, so flood this under there… The RUMOR will be addressed on Offset’s album, but while we wait let’s address why your side nikka GSTACKS was posting bout that baby in your stomach that was his and not your husbands?!”

This isn’t the first time Rah Ali and the 30-year-old rapper exchanged words with each other on social media. As previously reported, the two have been in an ongoing beef seemingly since the “Tomorrow 2” artist’s infamous New York Fashion Week scuffle with Rah Ali’s former friend Nicki Minaj. In the past, the former “Love and Hip Hop” star allegedly threw a subliminal message at Cardi. Rah previously wrote:

“Get off twitter sneak dissing, your husband in the other room on that video game, texting hoes again.”
The mother of two responded to the message, letting Rah know her tweet was directed to her. Throwing shade at her marriage, Cardi said:

“NOBODY IS SNEAK DISSING IM TALKING ABOUT YOU !Lets not talk about husbands cause I will put your whole situation on blast .I dm you if you wanna deal sh*t like women!Idc what you post about me .DONT POST LIES! Thats not how you brand .”

Meanwhile, is patiently waiting for Offset’s explanation of the messy cheating rumors. Share your thought with us on female rappers constantly slut shamming others, especially Cardi B.

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