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Cardi B Styles Up In Chanel For Her Community Service

Cardi B Styles Up In Chanel For Her Community Service

Cardi B is set on completing her community service before March 1st after she defaulted earlier this year. The controversial rapper was sentenced to 15 days of community service after she assaulted a woman her husband Offset allegedly slept with back in 2018.

The court was lenient to Cardi when she defaulted the first time, but it promised to be harsh and Cardi took that seriously as she should.

Cardi posted an image of herself on Twitter dressed in designer wear while heading to her community service and urged her fans to stay away from crime.

While Cardi is advising her fans to stay away from trouble, she still has about 6 days to complete her punishment, and trust me, she can mess it up, and the court will equally f*** her up if she does.

Page Six Reports;

Cardi B is serving time — and looks.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper, 30, was ordered to complete 15 days of community service as part of the plea deal she reached in September following a 2018 fight at a strip club.

And this week, she offered her Twitter fans an update on how giving back is going, sharing snaps of her unsurprisingly upscale outfits before reporting for duty several days in a row.

“Day whatever the f—k of community service……….Obey the law !!!!” Cardi tweeted Tuesday, along with a mirror selfie of her look: a skintight black tank top, matching cutout leggings from her own Cardi B x Reebok collaboration, white-painted Maison Margiela Tabi Boots ($1,190) and a Chanel beanie similarly worth four figures.

She shared a similarly luxe look on Wednesday, pairing a blush-colored bomber jacket and black leggings with another pair of Tabis — this time in pink — and a supersized matching tweed Chanel flap bag, a smaller version of which will set you back $5,595.

“On my way to serve some community service time …..DONT COMMIT CRIMES!” she urged.

Cardi also showed off an ultra-long chrome manicure in the snaps, which seemingly didn’t prove a hindrance during her court-ordered duties.

The “WAP” chart-topper was sentenced to community service after admitting she threw a hookah at two bartender sisters and ordered a buddy to attack one of them for allegedly sleeping with her husband, Offset.

Though the Bronx native failed to complete her time by the deadline last month, the judge pushed it back to March 1.

“Not her slaying every community service fit,” one fan tweeted of Cardi’s onslaught of designer outfits — although considering the Grammy’s winner’s sartorial track record, would you expect anything less?

Cardi B was cheated on, and now she is being punished for her thoughtless reaction as well. Damn! Offset really did the damage.

Will Cardi follow the court’s order and complete her punishment? We have to wait till March 1st to answer that question.

Here are community service pictures of Cardi B:

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