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Cardi B Responds To Critics Saying She Is Too Rich To Worry About Recession

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The hike in prices all over the world, especially in the United States has been of great concern to many average and low-income earners.

So, when Cardi B added her voice to the discussion about the high cost of living, Twitter users were quick to remind her that she is worth $40 million and hence does not get to take part in discussions about the recession.

Well, Cardi took to the same platform and responded to critics saying although she is worth more than the amount they stated, she still has responsibilities and bills to pay hence the surge in prices affects her nonetheless. More so, she could lose it all if she does not save or budget.

Via Vlad;

Cardi B took to Twitter on Tuesday (December 20), to state, “We going through a recession…..Merry Christmas.” 

This led to a Twitter user pointing out Cardi worrying about a recession as a wealthy person, writing, “Says the rapper worth 40 million.” Cardi then responded, correcting the Twitter user, “I’m worth more then that and guess what ? If I don’t save ,work and budget I could lose it too!” 

Cardi added, “What makes you think that no matter how much money you got you can’t lose it all if you don’t manage your money correctly.I too have bills,responsibilities and people I have to help.” 

Back in September, Cardi shared her thoughts on the rising inflation across the world, which she saw while helping a family member get an apartment. Cardi told viewers, “I was looking at some areas. The way that the prices soar up…like how are people surviving? I want to know. My family and my friends, they’re so grateful to have me, but it’s just like, what happens to people who don’t have a me?” 

Cardi B the braggart of all millions is complaining about the recession, the economy is indeed f—ing with us all.

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