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Cardi B Claims She Gets Bored Of Being Rich And Famous And She Misses Her Broke Life

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What will you do if you have everything you have ever wanted handed to you? And I mean everything you have ever dreamed of being handed to you presently—will you have anything to work for?

Cardi B was a radical lady from the South Bronx, and during her difficult days when she used to dream about wealth and fame, she was a stripper who doubled as a sort of thief. Those days were difficult, having to live like that.

Cardi hit stardom in 2015 and has been able to amass a net worth of $80 million since then. She married one of the biggest hip-hop stars in the entire world and appears to be living her dream life, but according to her, her life gets so boring to the extent that she mostly misses her rachet old life, and fans are shocked.

Cardi confessed this to a fan who quizzed her about why she went back to the hood to shoot a video when she worked so hard to get out of there. Cardi responded by claiming that she sometimes sobs because being wealthy is so boring and she misses her old broke life.

Via Media Take Out;

Cardi B sometimes gets tired of being a millionaire, of having money and fame and having virtually anything she wants. Instead, the former Bronx rapper reminisces about her days living the hood, where she can tote guns, and live an adventurous life, Media Take Out has learned.

Cardi let one of her fans into her inner thoughts yesterday, when the fan criticized Cardi for going to the hood to film her latest music video Put It On The Floor.

In criticizing the imagery in Cardi’s new video, the fan asked Cardi, “who escapes the hood just to relive it every chance they get?”

Cardi B responded, saying “I was tearing up the other day because I miss my old life.” Cardi’s old life involved, dancing and robbing men. She was also involved in gangs and violence.

Recognized by Forbes as one of the most influential female rappers of all time, Cardi B holds various records among women in hip hop; she is the female rapper with the most number-one singles (five) on the Billboard Hot 100, the only to achieve multiple solo number ones and the only to earn number ones in two decades (2010s and 2020s) on the chart.

She is also the female rapper with the most diamond-certified songs (three) by the RIAA, the highest-certified female rapper of all time on their Top Artists (Digital Singles) ranking, and has 100 million certified units (album and songs) sold in the US alone. Additionally, she is the female rapper with the most songs with a billion streams on Spotify—where she also has the most-streamed female rap album. She was the first lead artist to top the Billboard Global 200.

Her accolades include a Grammy Award, eight Billboard Music Awards, six Guinness World Records, six American Music Awards, 14 BET Hip Hop Awards, and two ASCAP Songwriter of the Year awards. In 2018, Time magazine included her on its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world, and in 2020, Billboard honored her as Woman of the Year. Outside of music, she became the creative director of entertainment magazine Playboy in 2022.

Cardi, just like a few other people, has had their dreams handed over to her, and now she has nothing to work for anymore. If you don’t have any grand plan for life, once you have your immediate wants or needs handed over to you, you have nothing to live for. I don’t know if Elon Musk will be bored with wealth unless he runs out of ideas because he always has something to work on.

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