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Candace Owens ‘Cutting Ties’ With Kanye West To Avoid Being Canceled Too After Supporting His “White Lives Matter” BS

Kanye West Stirs Controversy Over "White Lives Matter" T-Shirt And Says Black Lives Matter Was A Scam

Candace Owens weeks back was Kanye West’s closest ally, the brain behind George Floyd‘s drug overdose claim. And if you don’t know, Floyd’s drug overdose post led Ye to attack the Jewish community. ( and that fentanyl overdose claim was instigated by Owen) When Ye made the Defcon 3 statement against the Jewish, the b-tch edged Ye on when everyone else asked that he apologize. Candace wanted Ye to continue to fuel his agenda.

Now that the Jewish community is taking action, and making sure Kanye loses it all, Candace is trying to dissociate herself from Ye. It appears Candace is not ready to disrespect the black community but not any other groups, Yes! Blacks will take it lightly on her sorry a** so why doesn’t she try and prove the b-tch she is to the Jewish community?

Candace backed Kanye when everyone else was asking that Ye apologize. She encouraged him and claimed they deserve no apology, now that the worst has happened with all major media platforms having cut ties with Ye, she wouldn’t even offer her platform for Ye to voice out his frustrations. Maybe Kanye will see her for the attention-seeking b-tch she really is!

Via Media Take Out:

Looks like the close friendship between Candace Owens and Kanye West may be coming to an end. It turns out Candace isn’t prepared to mess up her lucrative arrangement with right-wingers … to stand up for Ye, Media Take Out is hearing.

Media Take Out has learned that Candace has been slowly “backing away” from Kanye West, ever since his entire brand imploded after he made antisemitic comments on multiple podcasts.

We spoke to a person close to Ye (yeah, he actually still has people close to him) who tells us that Candace has been slowly trying to distance herself from the controversial hip hop star.

Ye’s friend explained, “Candace is privately still supporting Ye, but publicly she is walking a fine line. She works at The Daily Wire, and they don’t want to have to do with any of Ye’s [antisemitic] comments.”

The Daily Wire is being run by Ben Shapiro – an openly Jewish conservative. Candace Owens is employed by The Daily Wire as a writer, pundit, and podcaster. It’s a high salary, and the company works hard to push her profile.

We’re also told that Candace has refused to interview Ye for her podcast. Ye has been making the rounds, popping up on just about every right-wing podcast around. But he’s been noticeably absent from Candace’s podcast.

Ye’s friend continued, “Candace gets paid by White people to say horrible things about Black people, not Jewish people. I don’t think she’s about to mess up that bag and take on the issues that Ye is pushing.”

Candace Owens is a conservative, author, talk show host, political commentator, and activist. Initially critical of United States President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, Owens eventually became known for her pro-Trump activism as a black woman, in addition to her criticism of Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party.

On several occasions she has claimed that the effects of white supremacy and nationalism are exaggerated, especially when compared to other issues facing Black Americans.

She worked for the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA between 2017 and 2019 as its communications director. In 2021, she joined The Daily Wire, where she hosts Candace, a political talk show.

Before you misunderstand me, this is my point, don’t encourage people’s BS, and when doom falls, you leave them to their fate. Candace behaved like Ye’s fans, at least you guys are still supporting him even when it appears that all hope is lost.

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