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Candace Owens Blasts Lizzo For Encouraging Fat Women To Embrace Their Body

Candace Owens Blasts Lizzo For Encouraging Fat Women To Embrace Their Body

Obesity in women, especially, is on the rise, and according to Candace Owens, celebrities like Lizzo are to blame for manipulating women into thinking obesity should be celebrated and considered normal just like all other body types.

Candace Owens is the latest to drag Lizzo for championing plus-size women to be themselves instead of encouraging them to opt for a more healthy lifestyle and lose weight. Owens made the claims while retweeting Gina Bontempo‘s post, in which she accused the media of misleading women into thinking being fat was okay and labeling critics fatphobic. 

According to Owens, embracing fatness is a death cult that only irrational and emotional women are part of; she further added that men are much more intelligent, and hence they cannot be recruited for such madness. Candance also went a step further and accused women of trading their eradication by supporting trans men.

VladTV Report;

Since dropping her first major studio album in 2019 (Cuz I Love You), Lizzo has played a crucial role in empowering plus-sized women. The four-time Grammy Award winner has blazed a trail for women who look like her by employing a team of backup dancers comprised primarily of plus-sized women. She also executive-produced a hit series on Amazon Prime called Lizzo’s Watch Out For The Big Grrrls. However, not everyone has been a fan of the way in which Lizzo proudly flaunts her weight. Last year, comedian/actor Aries Spears offered pushback by comparing her silhouette to a “Sh*t emoji.” A few days ago, political commentator Candace Owens weighed in on the outpouring of support for Lizzo’s body by sharing her disgust via Twitter.

“Only women could be emotionally manipulated into supporting their own eradication via support for ‘trans men,’ Candace wrote. “Only women could be fooled into supporting a death cult of “fat acceptance”. Today’s cultural battles prove that women are more irrational and emotional than men.”

All Candace is saying is get off your b-tt and make a conscious effort into getting in shape and stop looking up to Lizzo as an aspiration to stay healthy.

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