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Canadian Companies Sponsoring Africans With Work Visa

Canadian Companies Sponsoring Africans With Work Visa

Canada in the last few years has seen a decrease in the number of skilled laborers and also those on the manufacturing side.

Statistics from the labor market show there are currently about one million unattached job vacancies that require the assistance of people.

Truck driving which is one of the most common jobs among the indigenous is currently facing a shortage of workers as there is a slot needing 55,600 drivers to come to fill the empty spaces.

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The reason for that is the current truck drivers are now old and weak so, therefore, can’t work more effectively like then. The health sector is also suffering a shortage of labor as they currently need over 40,000 health personnel. The prime minister in an interview revealed that plans are currently in place to bring in 500,000 immigrants to come to fill in the vacancies by 2025.

The Canadian immigration minister since then has gone into an agreement with the Labor Market Impact Assessment which accesses and imports more immigrants into the country.

Today we will look at Canadian companies sponsoring African workers with visas:

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P&H farming

One of the oldest living Canadian companies which has over 100 decades been linking farm workers and agricultural scientists to Canadian farmers. Agriculture which is one of the biggest contributors to the Canadian GDP and mostly operates in rural areas needs more hands. With the experience P&H has they assist Africans with the working visa to move there.


A financially oriented company with its headquarters based in Toronto, they have years of experience in the financial, marketing, and cyber security field. They mostly assist with work visas for African immigrants with a strong background in financing, auditing, and marketing.

Google Canada

A subsidiary of the search engine Google, they have over the last two decades served as a recruitment firm for many immigrants coming from Africa and Asia countries. They have many jobs under their umbrella ranging from information technology, engineering, and marketing. You are cut for the job if you meet all the requirements and have some years of experience. Language proficiency is also a must at least in either English or French.

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They are one of the biggest banks in Canada, that employs the services of African immigrants who have deep knowledge of banking and finance. After they have recruited you, they take you through a vigorous month of mentoring for you to get familiar with the Canadian financial and banking system

Elastic Path

Is an online business company that recruits immigrants to come work in Canada provided they are qualified and have some experience. Selected workers are mostly required to be fluent in both English and French which is the commonest spoken language in Canada.

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