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Canada Government Jobs For African Immigrants

Canada Government Jobs For African Immigrants

Canada is one of the most blessed countries located in the northern part of America, they share very close borders with the USA although people do sometimes confuse it as being a state there.

It has Ottawa as its capital city with Toronto and Montreal as one of its most popular cities tourists usually travel to for holidays. It is a monarchical state headed by King Charles III with Justin Trudeau being their prime minister. Canada like any other advanced country is blessed with many natural such as gold, nickel, and a wide range of agricultural products which are a huge booster to the country’s GDP.

Today we look at some Canadian government jobs.

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Senior Transportation Technologist

It begins the list of government jobs in Canada, this occupation normally requires people with a minimum of higher national diploma certificate and maximum MSC in civil engineering. Job applicants are also required to have at least three to five years of working experience in the transportation field according to Canadian law. They are responsible for providing an inept consultation and guidance to road contractors who normally work on highways and bridges

Health care personals

This looks at doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who are legally licensed after the completion of their studies. Stats showed healthcare workers dominate heavily in the Canadian labor market and are paid well. Doctors in the city of Quebec once did the unthinkable by staging a protest calling on the government to decrease their salaries.


Teaching is one profession the government of Canada is very particular about after the health sector. To qualify to even teach at the basic level your minimum qualification should be a bachelor’s in education backed with a language proficiency letter. Tutors at the high school level are required to hold an MSC certificate as the Canadian government believes in quality education.

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Street light technician

This field falls under the road ministry, over here technicians with a minimum qualification of a first degree are hired to repair faulty street lights. They are also major determinants if a street light pole is developing a fault.

Building supervisor

According to the Ministry of Works and Housing Code of Conduct, it is required of every real estate developer to have his onsite supervisor. The supervisor is someone who has an inept knowledge of building and the resources to give the building a good outlook. The supervisor looks at the plan, the vast land, and how the land is free from any form of drainage.

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