Buy Me A Piece Of Land Valued at Ghc7,000 or More As A Collateral In Case You Waste My Time And Dump Me – Pretty Lady Tells Men

Buy Me A Piece Of Land Valued at Ghc7,000 or More As A Collateral In Case You Dump And Waste My Time Me - Pretty Lady Tells Men
Pretty side chick

A beautiful intelligent lady friend of mine has told me that all the men who come asking her out take to their heels upon hearing her request “buy me a piece of land before we start dating”. Ridiculous right?

When I heard this, I got shocked for a minute and said this is ridiculous and doesn’t make sense but then she was able to convince me that her request makes a lot of sense.

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The 21st century man has made the 21st century woman extra vigilant—especially, when it comes to relationships. Women have become wiser and careful—all because of ill treatments they received in their previous relationships and now, women do not want to end up as fools in relationships.

According to my friend, she is not ready for any man to waste her precious time in the name of love and relationship so before she accepts to date any man, she has to get a land bought by the man in her name as a sort of collateral in case the man wastes her time and dumps her.

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At least, she will console herself with the piece of land. At this point, I was still not convinced—as her demand sounded weird in my ears—and then she brought up this analogy.

She asked why her Ghc7,000 to 8,000 land demand be ridiculous when some men are buying iPhone 11 Pro which also costs Ghc7,000 or even more for their girlfriends?

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My friend says her land demand is the same as asking a man to buy her an iPhone 11 Pro or anything of the equivalent before accepting to date him but then the men who have come her way ran away upon hearing “buy me a piece of land before we start dating”!

What do you think about my friend’s land demand? It’s a fair deal, I think! Anyway, she is beautiful and intelligent so if you have some Ghc7,000 for a piece of land and interested in dating her, hit me up lemme connect you guys! If the relationship ends in marriage, the land belongs to you two, if you mess her up, she has the land and you take your tiny d** away!

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Despite her land demand, she is also generous. In fact, she even sent me money to celebrate my birthday recently.