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“Buy Assets Before You Buy Luxuries” – Moesha Buduong Who Spent 1000s Of Dollars To Enlarge Her B*tts Before Building A House Advices Fellow Slay Queens

Fans Say Moesha Buduong Has Biggest Cameltoe In Ghana─And Even Beyond

Moesha Buduong who chose to spend thousands of dollars to get her b*tts and hips done surgically before thinking about building a house is now on Instagram dishing out unsolicited advice to her fellow slay queens and famewhores.

Moesha Buduong on Instagram says that it’s advisable to buy assets before buying luxuries and that people should sacrifice short-term rewards so they can reap much bigger rewards in years to come.

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Moesha has invested in her body and it’s paying off since most of these rich potbellied men are obsessed with women with such enviable fake figures.

She should have advised her fellow slay queens to also invest in their bodies so they could catch these big men to their net and rake in millions of dollars.