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Busta Rhymes Throws A Drink At A Woman Who Spanked Him In Publicly

Busta Rhymes Throws A Drink At A Woman Who Spanked Him In Publicly

Women are constantly crying about harassment, ironically, they do the same thing they claim they abhor to men. Busta Rhymes was walking out of the Grammys when a woman sneaked through his entourage and spanked him.

Well, as expected, Busta did not react well to the harassment and threw a bottle of drink in his harasser’s way. It didn’t get to her, but at least the message was clear, “Stay the f*** away from my b-tt, b-tch.”

Via VladTV;

Busta Rhymes is fresh off of an impressive appearance at the 2023 Grammys for a 50th-anniversary hip-hop tribute. Since then, Busta was spotted walking with an entourage of people when a person seemingly tried to violate the Grammy-nominated rapper’s body. 

A woman could be seen approaching Busta from behind to smack the rapper’s butt. Busta immediately turned around, paused after being violated, and threw a drink in the woman’s direction.

Women will be “screaming of abuse” if that was done to a female artist. It is silly to s-xualize people of all genders, but taking it a step further by spanking time in public is disgusting.

Here is the clip of Busta Rhymes reacting to the spank:

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