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Brooklyn Woman Leaves Her “Boyfriend” Unconscious After Hitting His Head With A Bowling Ball

Brooklyn Woman Leaves Her "Boyfriend" Unconcious After Hitting His Head With A Bowling Ball

Unknown alleged lovers, John and Jane Doe were seen in a Bowling alley in New York arguing during a match. However, things escalated quickly with Jane Doe hitting John on the head with a bowling ball. John fell on the floor unconscious while Jane Doe’s friends cheered her up to throw her last ball and she shamelessly did.

Well, John regained consciousness shortly after before the video ended. Some folks say, it is a skit but that video was so poorly made that it appears it was directly recorded by bystanders instead of professionals. So it is likely that Jane hit that man and rendered him unconscious with bruises on his head.

Jane Doe has been identified as a Brooklyn woman who was in New York with her partner John Doe. I hope she gets arrested before she kills that John Doe.

Media Take Out Reports;

A woman who is reportedly from Brooklyn is going viral, after a video was posted online appearing to show the woman striking her “date” in the head with a bowling ball.

The video has gone viral, and has already been viewed more than 1 million times, Media Take Out has learned.

In the video, which you can see below, a woman and a man are seen arguing inside of a bowling alley. The Twitter account which published the video, claims that the two were “dating” and were at the alley together – before the argument broke out.

After a few words, the woman can be seen swinging the bowling ball and knocking the man unconscious.

Seconds later, the man regains consciousness, but he appears to have suffered a large gash on his head, which he allegedly received from the fall.

Many on social media are claiming that the video is “staged” – and that the two are actors playing a prank on people at the bowling alley. Media Take Out has not received any evidence that this is true.

Other social media commentators claim to have identified the woman, and report that the incident happened in a bowling alley in Long Island, NY. The social media sources claim that the alleged assaulter is from Brooklyn.

A Brooklyn woman landed her man on the floor unconscious with a bowling ball while her pals urged her on foolishly instead of calling the damn cops. If they are already in a relationship, then they are having a Chrisean Rock and Blueface sort of affair.

Here is the clip:

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