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BREAKING NEWS: Pastor Chris Arrested Over His Claims That 5G Caused Coronavirus

Pastor Chris Ignorantly Explains With A Diagram That COVID-19 Vaccine Is The Mark Of Beast

The Founder and Senior Pastor of Christ Embassy Church, Chris Oyakhilome, has reportedly been arrested over his 5G/Coronavirus conspiracy theory.

According to reports, he has been invited by the Department of Security Service (DSS) over his recent claims about 5G technology in Nigeria.

Via GhSplash;

“Pastor Chris said he believed that’s the installation of the 5 G was the reason behind the lockdown in Lagos and Abuja and that is the thing responsible for killing people rather than the coronavirus (COVID-19) and this was seen as an accusation on the part of the Federal Government.

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In his sermon in his church on Sunday, April 5th he said that what killed so many people in Wuhan China was not the coronavirus as we were told but rather the 5G network which was installed there, he made a challenge that anyone with a different opinion should come forward and state it with evidence. Pastor Chris insisted on his claims and said that is a Federal Government trick to keep people inside so they don’t protest against the installation of the 5G network.

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The Federal Government reacted to this claim and said that Pastor Chris is ignorance of the situation at hand and that lead to his claims.

The Department of Security Service will be interrogating Pastor Chris in order to stop spreading the unverifiable 5G claim. He will be charged to court soon”.

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