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BREAKING NEWS: Funny Face Dies Tonight!

BREAKING NEWS: Funny Face Dies Tonight!

Funny Face has taken his depression to another level after raining insults on his ‘Jesus Christ’, Emmanuel Adebayor, Bola Ray, and Fada Dickson over his usual petty reasons.

Funny Face has made a suicidal post on his Instagram Story—and according to him, he is ending his life tonight because he’s tired of life.

Funny Face actually said his final words to his twin daughters in Kumasi and prayed that his ancestors take care of them and protect them. Things are getting scary!

According to him in his scary message, documents to all his properties including his house, gifted cars, and 30 acres of land in Koforidua are with his sister, Lydia in Kumasi.

Read the scary post on the screengrab below…