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Breakdown Of Becca’s Mother’s Live Facebook Interview With Ghanaian UK-Based Blogger, Chris-Vincent Agyapong

We all thought that Ghanaian female musician, Rebecca Acheamponma Acheampong popularly known as Becca had a good relationship with her mother, Juliana Oti until her recent live Facebook interview with Ghanaian UK-Based Blogger, Chris-Vincent Agyapong which happened on Saturday, June 29, 2019, in the United Kingdom.

The viral interview became a surprise to the majority of Ghanaians based on the fact that Becca during her 10th anniversary in music on Saturday, October 21, 2017, brought her mother, Juliana Oti on the stage, appreciated her for the love, kindness and immense contribution in her life and showered praises on her in front of 30 musicians across Africa and thousands of music lovers present at the National Theatre in Accra.

It was an emotional moment with goosebumps all over patrons present as Becca performed one of her songs in appreciation of her mother, Juliana Oti.

The question the majority of Ghanaians asked after watching the live Facebook interview of Becca’s mother with Chris-Vincent Agyapong was “What happened”?

In this article, we’ll look at what actually happened to the wonderful mother-daughter relationship between Becca and her mother based on what she revealed during the live Facebook interview.

Becca’s mother’s live Facebook interview with Chris-Vincent Agyapong was on the back of witchery allegations levelled against her by her son-in-law, Daniel Tobi Sanni which was published by

Firstly, Becca’s mother introduced herself as Juliana Oti and revealed that she gave birth to her at age 15 with one Mr Isaac Acheampong who was about 35 years old and already married at the time. Juliana Oti revealed this in the interview apparently for people to know what she really went through as a pregnant teenager at that time.

Juliana Oti could have gotten rid of the pregnancy to continue her education but for the love she had for her unborn baby, Becca, she had to keep it and endure the pain, mockery and stigmatisation.

According to Juliana Oti, she had a very good relationship with her daughter, Becca, until she got married to Nigerian Economist, Dr Daniel Tobi Sanni on August 18, 2018, at a private ceremony in Accra.

Juliana Oti revealed that her daughter, Becca used to call her on a daily basis but sadly, she hasn’t heard from her after she got married to Daniel Tobi Sanni in August 2018.

On what may have caused this unfortunate breakup of the peaceful mother-daughter relationship that existed between herself and Becca, Juliana Oti claimed her instincts tell her that Becca may have told her husband the advice she gave to her about being vigilant with her finances in her marriage and also buying a house in her name for her unborn kids since Nigerian Yoruba tribe place value on firstborn sons.

According to Juliana Oti, she gave the above advice to Becca after she was signed onto Nana Appiah Mensah’s Zylofon Music Record Label for a colossal amount of money as well as benefits.

Juliana Oti also lamented over how she was treated like a guest at her own daughter’s marriage ceremony. She disclosed that instead of sitting in front with Becca’s father, Mr Isaac Acheampong, to oversee the entire marriage ceremony as custom demands, she was rather at the back with Becca’s stepmother in front.

On whether or not she was aware of Becca’s pregnancy, Juliana Oti again revealed that she knew nothing about it until someone gave her a tipoff after Becca was spotted on a flight to Canada heavily pregnant.

Juliana Oti sadly disclosed that she hasn’t seen Becca’s newborn baby, that’s her granddaughter ever since she was born in Canada all because her son-in-law, Daniel Tobi Sanni believes she is a witch hence preventing Becca from allowing her to see their newborn baby.

According to Juliana Oti, she has only seen pictures of her granddaughter which were sent to her by Becca’s friends.

In one of her conversations with Daniel Tobi Sanni about why she hasn’t heard from them, he answered that he and his wife, Becca, are busy making money and for that matter they have no time to check up on family members and added that even his mother, he hasn’t heard from her for months.

Becca’s mother, Juliana Oti during the interview blamed her son-in-law, Daniel Tobi Sanni for being behind her daughter’s mean attitude towards her and also alleged that Daniel Tobi Sanni is a thieve, if not, he wouldn’t be offended over the motherly advice she gave to Becca concerning her finances.

Juliana Oti also revealed that Becca at a point in time became homeless after she was evicted from a house bought for her by her boyfriend when their relationship ended. Based on this and many reasons, she advised her to buy a house in her name to save her from future embarrassment.

Prior to Becca’s marriage to Daniel Tobi Sanni, it was rumoured that he is a divorced man with two kids, a boy and girl and in the interview, Juliana Oti confirmed that it’s true, Daniel Tobi Sanni has two children with another woman and this got her scared for her daughter, Becca.

Afia Schwarzenegger and some fans of Becca have condemned Juliana Oti for revealing her daughter’s secrets to the public. They believe the issue could have been resolved in private without the knowledge of the public.

Some music lovers have also expressed their disappointments in Becca for abandoning her mother because of her husband.

Becca’s father, Mr Isaac Kwaku Acheampong as the head of the Acheampong Family released Press Statement to address all issues and concerns raised by Becca’s mother, Juliana Oti during her live Facebook interview with Chris-Vincent Agyapong.

In the press statement signed by Mr Isaac Kwaku Acheampong, the Acheampong Family apologised to their Nigerian in-laws and debunked all the allegations levelled against Daniel Tobi Sanni by Becca’s mother, Juliana Oti.

Right after the Acheampong Family’s press release, Becca’s mother’s family, the Oti Family also released a rebuttal press statement debunking witchery allegations levelled against Juliana Oti by Daniel Tobi Sanni.

The Oti Family described Becca’s father’s press release as extremely unfortunate as they did not expect such a press release from an elderly man like him.

Becca in an interview with Hitz FM’s Andy Dosty to promote her current song titled “Driving License” featuring Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale refused to talk about her mother’s viral interview on the radio.

Becca stated without mincing words that there is no way she would talk negatively about her mother in public.

From the look of things, the Acheampong and Oti Family are working together privately to resolve the issue between Juliana Oti and her son-in-law, Daniel Tobi Sanni.


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