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Brazilian Actors In Hollywood

They may be located in the southern part of the American continent and have Portuguese as their official language, but it still hasn’t stopped them from showcasing their talents to the world.

Over the years they have dominated heavily in the Brazilian movie industry before finally making it into Hollywood.

Today we look at Brazilian actors in Hollywood.

Rodrigo Santoro

The handsome actor was born in Rio de Janeiro to an Italian father and a Brazilian mother. He began acting in the Brazilian movie industry by appearing in television series and also action movies.

Rodrigo’s exceptional onscreen talent earned him huge recognition from Hollywood producers who began casting him in movies.

Currently, he has acted alongside many notable names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emma Thompson, and Nicole Kidman.

Bruno Campus

Currently working as a full-time lawyer, Bruno started as an actor after completing his high school education. He has acted in both Brazilian movies and Hollywood.

Wagner Moura

Lovers of the Narcos series are very familiar with his face as he played the Pablo Escobar character, a role that made him more famous and won him several awards.

Currently, he is one of the hottest actors in the Hollywood industry. He appeared in Grayman alongside Chris Evans and played the voiceover in the yet-to-be-released Puss in Boots movie.

Lino Facioli

He began acting as a little kid in London where he was made to play minor roles before finally landing his first big gig in Get Him To The Greek movie and Game of Thrones.

Lino was born in Brazil but migrated with his parents when he was only four years old to London. He has since then been dominating heavily despite his young age.

Seu Jorge

Although widely known for his fantastic musical prowess, the dreadlocked Brazilian-born musician also doubles as a talented actor.

Beyond giving his fans mind-blowing hit songs, he has also been featured in Hollywood movies such as City of God and The life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

We conclude the list of Brazilian actors in Hollywood.

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