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Bow Wow Denies Swindling A 10-Year-Old Girl Of $3K For A Feature

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The 36-year-old rapper Bow Wow is currently in a legal battle with a 10-year-old girl who insists that she paid the rapper $3K for a feature, but he never made the collaboration happen but swindled her of her cash.

The minor child’s parent has presently filed a lawsuit against the rapper, seeking $15K in damages. However, Bow Wow has since reacted to the lawsuit with claims that he does not engage in any online transactions, especially CashApp; hence, the child and his parents have been defrauded by his catfish. In this time and age, the catfish narration sounds believable.

Via HipHopDX;

Bow Wow has been sued for $15,000 by a 10-year-old girl whose family claims she paid for a feature that she never received.

According to court documents obtained by The Neighborhood Talk, the girl in question allegedly paid Bow Wow $3,000 via Cash App for a feature, and while Bow accepted the money, her family is claiming he never held up his end of the bargain. Now, the father of the 10-year-old is suing for $15,000.

“Based on the foregoing and as a direct consequence of Defendant’s actions and failures, Plaintiff’s total damages, including costs and attorney’s fees, amount to $15,000.00″ the document read.

Bow Wow has since denied the claims, taking to Twitter on Wednesday (July 26) to claim that he doesn’t “conduct business on apps.”

“D pippin done got yall again huh? [laughing emoji] i dont conduct business on apps. I do NOT use or have cash app. So if you aint call management and send a wire .. you def was NOT dealing w me,” he tweeted.

“Be careful who yall send yalls money to online. This happens everyday to folks. This the 3rd time somebody acting like me catfishing people.”

The suit comes mere days after Shad Moss announced he would be bringing back another installment of the Scream tours from the early 2000s, which previously included performances from B2K, Chris Brown and Bow Wow in their younger years. He said the new tour would help introduce the next generation of hitmakers to the masses.

“That was then This is NOW! Its time to SCRRRRREAAAAM,” he captioned the tour’s video announcement. “Them kids been getting on yalls nerves all summer its only one place to bring them so they can be as wild as they want! SCREAM TOUR 23 ‘NEXT UP’ We baaaaack !!”

Artists scheduled to perform on the tour include That Girl Lay Lay, Young Dylan, Wanmor, Papa Jay and more, according to a follow-up Instagram post.

The new tour announcement arrived shortly after Bow criticized the state of Hip Hop while on the BET Awards red carpet this year.

“‘Cause n-ggas puttin’ out trash ass music,” he said when asked why, at the time, a rap album hadn’t gone No. 1 yet. “Everything sound alike, everything repetitive, same tempo … everybody could do that, you know what I’m saying?”

He continued: “You really gotta have talent, you really gotta go. I think people are startin’ to get tired of it now, that’s why you don’t see nothin’ chartin.’”

Fraudsters, catfishers, and romance scammers are on the rampage. However, people continue to easily give in to online agreements and send money as fast as it is requested. Well, Bow Wow swindling the child and his parents and using the catfish story to cover it up is also a possibility, so stay tuned to get more updates on the unfolding drama.

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