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Boston Richey Joins DJ Akademiks To Defend Himself On The Snitching Claims

Boston Richey Joins DJ Akademiks To Defend Himself On The Snitching Claims

Apparently, cooperating with police to arrest hoodlums and killers is a big crime that Boston Richey has to go to DJ Akademik‘s podcast to clear his name on.

According to Akademiks, he dislikes snitches so he gave Boston a chance to clear his name. Akademiks does not dislike killers and the armed robbers that Boston allegedly helped put behind bars, but he is likely to dislike Boston if it turns out that he indeed cooperated with authorities to put criminals in jail.

Well, while the backlashes are becoming overwhelming, Boston on AK’s podcast claims he lied to authorities just to skip jail and did not cooperate as everyone thought. The dude will go back to jail in an attempt to prove he is no snitch. The lame obsession of hating snitches when killing is rampant in the black community is disgusting.

Via Media Take Out;

Real Boston Richey spoke out again about the snitching rumors after a video of him being interrogated by the cops surfaced online.

The video was leaked by vlogger 1090 Jake who also uploaded paperwork allegedly showing Richey cooperating with law enforcement during two separate cases…a Grand Theft Auto case in 2013 and a murder case.

In the video, Richey allegedly name-drops the alleged shooter.

Richey talked to DJ Akademiks to try and clear up the video.

“In my city, this sh-t ain’t even no big situation ’cause everybody know about this sh-t. So as I’m getting interviewed, this like my second time being interviewed so now I’m just like on some sh-t like, ‘Y’all trippin’ me and bro had a situation but that sh-t I know for a fact this man ain’t kill my cousin.’ I don’t know who killed this man,’ we giving him the whole run around. That sh-t was a goose chase like me and my whole interview bruh.”

Richey claims any information he gave the cops was fake.

“While I’m in an interview and I was on the way to jail I had already got hit with two new charges and I’m out on bond for a pistol charge, all type of sh-t. So you know they pressuring me the whole week, why they’re coming by like, ‘Oh yeah you gonna get hit with RICO charges … ’cause we know your cousin got killed behind your incident with Mr. Wiggins.’”

No one really cares if Boston really helps put killers behind bars, all everyone cared about is his snitching. Yet these hypocrites were crying wolf when Takeoff was killed. How the hell do you shield killers and antagonize snitches but cry when they kill?

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