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Boosie Dadazz Says Jay-Z And Nas Are Relevant

Boosie Dadazz Says Jay-Z And Nas Are Relevant

Bossie Badazz has added to 21 Savage‘s lame comment that Nas is “Irrelevant.” Boosie says Nas and Jay-Z‘s songs are not buzzing in clubs anymore like the newbies. So even if their songs are sold out right when it is released, it is just their loyal fans and not because they’re relevant.

According to Boosie, Nas and Jay-Z are doing great business-wise, but in terms of music, they have faded. So, Nas won a Grammy award in 2021, but we have to pretend that is nothing?

Nas and Jay-Z’s albums are still sold out, they can fill large auditoriums for concerts as well, but they are irrelevant because their songs are not played in nightclubs, right? That is lame!

Via Vlad;

Boosie & Vlad Debate if Nas is Relevant or Just Legendary: Half of Nas’ Fans are Dead
 Boosie on Takeoff’s Passing: Rappers were Crown Jewels in the Hood, Now We’re Opps

In this clip, Boosie and DJ Vlad engage in a debate about Jay-Z’s relevancy in terms of recording and releasing new music right now.

DJ Vlad argues that Jay-Z is the only 50-year-old that could drop an album that would create just as much of a buzz as an LP by Lil Baby, while Boosie argues that Jay-Z is no longer relevant as a recording artist.

Boosie then goes on state his belief that Boosie is much more respected these days for his hustle and business acumen.

I don’t have to explain this to old folks but perhaps I have to. Once Jay-Z and Nas’s music is being consumed by a wide audience, they are still relevant.

Music lovers come in different groups, hence relevancy can not be determined by a particular yardstick!

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