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Boosie Badazz’s Crew Member Punches YouTuber White Dolemite After He Tried His “Boy” Prank On Them

Boosie Badazz's Crew Member Punches YouTuber White Dolemite After He Tried His "Boy" Prank On Them

Boosie Badazz appears to be going low-key after his numerous run-ins with the law. However, a YouTuber named White Dolemite decided to tempt his bad side with his infamous “Boy” prank and got what he deserves.

So, basically, White Dolemite just go about calling people he is not supposed to call “Boy” “Boy” to see how they react. Well, his skit with Boosie did not go exactly as planned as he got a bit more than he bargained for; a punch in the face.

While Boosie was still staggering on why White Dolemite was repeatedly calling him “Boy” and ordering him to hand a mac n cheese to him, one of his 3 crew members reacted and punched White Dolemite in the face after several warnings to quit calling Boosie “Boy.”

Via Vlad:

Boosie didn’t take too kindly to being the target of a YouTube prank by White Dolemite who used the term ‘boy’ and all its racist connotations during the skit. 

“Can you hand the mac n’ cheese to me, boy?” White Dolemite said to Boosie who was completely taken aback by the request. White Dolemite doubles down a few seconds later and says, “Boy, I said hand it to me, now, boy.”

Despite Boosie not responding to White Dolemite directly, those accompanying Boosie began the threaten the YouTuber. At one point, White Dolemite is punched by one of Boosie’s associates but there are questions about whether the exchange was staged or not.

YouTubers and silly pranks! Prudent people will point to the camera when things get intense, but not White Dolemite, dude will rather get punched for clout. Well, he got what he hoped for: views. He should nurse his wound and move on.

Here is the video:

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