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Boosie Badazz Claims Nas’ Fans Are Dead Which Renders Him Irrelevant

Boosie Badazz Claims Nas' Fans Are Dead Which Renders Him Irrelevant

Boosie Badazz is trying to be relevant by a** k-ssing the rappers he thinks are relevant in today’s world. Boosie is siding with 21 Savage’s silly claim that Nas is irrelevant.

And according to Boosie, although Nas is still being streamed largely on streaming platforms, half of his fans are dead, so he is irrelevant.

According to Boosie, Taylor Swift is the standard and Nas does not come close to her influence in today’s world. Maybe we have to learn that music goes beyond streaming charts, silly TikTok dances, and clout-chasing dramas.

I still maintain my position that Nas is equally relevant for where he stands, especially when Boosie claims half of his fans have died but he still wins Grammys. One has to be super relevant for his dead fans to still stream their songs.

Media Take Out Reports;

Boosie Badazz weighed in on the debate sparked by 21 Savage about whether Nas is relevant.

“What is relevant to him?. You say he has a loyal fanbase, he just won a Grammy, I mean at that age, his records are doing great. I think he might be saying relevance as to social media. So he’s definitely relevant to his fan base,” Boosie said.

21 Savage said that Nas isn’t relevant and several rappers and DJs responded, calling him out… but Boosie seems to agree.

He continued, “He has a relevance to his fans. Nas is what, about 50-something, you gotta understand his fanbase when you get up there, half of them are dead. So he definitely has relevancy to his family. Half of them are dead.”

Boosie added, “All of them n-ggas in Queens all them. Nas and ‘Pac fans they’re dead. So for him to be winning a Grammy, he still has relevance in his era for sure. I just can’t say he’s relevant as far as today’s thing, but I definitely agree he has relevance because ain’t too many n-ggas doing what he doing at his age. He doesn’t have a Taylor Swift machine behind him.”

Well, Nas may not be social media relevant, but he is still sure relevant to real music lovers, the world is not all about Gen Zs.

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