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Bobrisky Wishes Himself On Mothers Day Today

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Today, March 22, 2020, is Mothers Day but people are mute all because of coronavirus outbreak which is killing people all over the world. Everyone forgot about Mothers Day because of coronavirus.

We all forgot and refused to celebrate it but Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky, who wants to prove to people that he is a woman never forgot to wish himself on Mothers Day today.

Bobrisky who has been fighting with people on Instagram to refer to him as a woman posted a photo of himself and wished himself with a message.

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Bobrisky wrote; “Yes I haven’t given birth yet, But I still wanna wish myself HAPPY MOTHER DAY ! Because I help lot of people daily that I don’t post here. I’m a good listener when people cry on my shoulder. Yes I have my own problem but people who know me knows I can leave my own problem just to see someone else happy. I’m a potential mother”.

Bobrisky says he is a potential mother so it makes sense for him to wish himself on Mothers Day which the world forgot today!

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Happy Mothers Day to Bobrisky and all mothers, blame coronavirus for this forgetfulness.

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