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Blueface’s Mother Karlissa Saffold Threatens To Slap Him If He Disrespects Her

Blueface's Mother Karlissa Saffold Threatens To Slap Him If He Disrespects Her

Blueface and his mother, Karlissa Saffold have been at loggerheads as far back as he started dating Chrisean Rock because of the couple’s constant brawls.

In a new video released by Zeus ahead of their next episode of Crazy In Love, Karlissa was seen demanding answers from Blueface regarding a fight involving Chrisean Rock and her family a while back.

In Blueface response, he implied that his mother deserved the beatings since she was engaging in a fight with people younger than herself. Despite dating one of the crazy females alive, Blueface claims he doesn’t like his mother’s lifestyle.

In response to some of the claims by Blueface, Karlissa made it clear that she will slap Blueface whenever she feels disrespected by him. Karlissa’s threat sent some chills down everyone’s nerves for a moment before the uncomfortable conversation continued.

Via VladTV;

Recently, a preview surfaced online of an episode from Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s show ‘Crazy In Love,’ with Blueface speaking to his mother, who had some choice words for him. 

Blueface could be heard telling his mother, “I feel like I’m more mature than you. Love you, mother, but you just not my type of woman, I guess. Not my type of lady.” Another trailer found the rapper confronted by his family for the incident that went down between Rock, Blueface, and his family. 

The rapper said, “If you’re 50 with little kids outside, you’re going to get into some little kid s**t.” Blueface’s mother responded, “If you disrespect me, and you’re my son, Jonathan, I’m gonna slap the s**t out of you every time! I am your mother!” Blueface responded by saying, “I understand,” while Chrisean Rock looked bewildered by his mother’s statement. Watch above.

CR has been beating Blueface over trivial issues, she was even jailed recently for assaulting the rapper. It is only fair that Karlissa also slaps him when she feels disrespected since violence is what they feed on. I’m sure Blueface will die at the hands of CR, his mother, or his father-in-law. The dude is just a punching bag to everyone around him.

Here is the video of drama:

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