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Blueface’s Mom Karlissa Saffold Advices Toxic Chrisean Rock In An Instagram Post

Revenge Tape! Chrisean Rock Posts S** Tape With Blueface On Instagram After Accusing Him Of Cheating

Well, the more you get to know the families of both Chrisean Rock and Blueface, the more understanding you get on why they love each other’s toxicity. Blueface’s mother Karlissa Saffold is as wild as CR’s father. She is a sort of Chrisean gangster.

As Blueface is spending Christmas with his baby mama and kid, and netizens are questioning the state of CR and Blueface’s bizarre relationship, Blueface’s mother Karlissa Saffold took to Instagram to offer weird advice to her son’s crazy girlfriend CR.

According to Karlissa, she tried separating fathers from their families, and did not work, so CR should take lessons from her and stay focused.

Via Media Take Out;

Blueface spent the Christmas holiday with his baby mama causing Chrisean Rock fans to wonder about the state of their relationship.

After seeing the Instagram posts, Blueface’s mother took to social media to give Chrisean some advice.

“Merry Christmas, [Chrisean Rock], I been there and it’s a [tough] spot,” she wrote. “But if you love God, you can’t take someone away from their family or you will lose. No matter how hard it gets, just know, as women, I tried this and it didn’t work. Love you even though you think I don’t. I believe in you, baby girl. Stay focused.”

Chrisean and Karlissa have fought in the past. Karlissa has also publicly dissed her son on more than one occasion. She addressed her turbulent relationship with her son.

“If my son told y’all he don’t like me and don’t mess with me, guess what? I don’t give a fucc,” she added. “He came out my ass I didn’t come out his. Fuccm…PSA 2023 is going to be a new year. I ain’t kissing no ones ass that came outta mine…If you think cause I serve God I won’t put you in your place you better go ask him about me. Don’t try to Christian bully me cause it will never work. Go play with yo momma.”

Fans are calling Karlissa “toxic.”

Karlissa should be dragging CR’s toxic a** away from her son but I’m not sure what her deal is with that post, because CR is not gonna stay calm ever, b-tch is chaotic and deserves no such pampering.

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