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Blueface Posts Video Of Chrisean Rock’s Dirty Laundry To Shame Her

Toxic Couple Chrisean Rock And Bluface Tie The Knot

Blueface has decided to be shameless and a disgrace for good. After dating Chrisean Rock for years and getting so many abortions with her, Blueface just realized that Rock ain’t sh-t and does not deserve to be a mother after she decided to not abort her fourth baby.

Blueface has denied the pregnancy, and after Rock refused to abort the baby, he turned to demean her and constantly bullied her online.


Blueface’s recent act to shame Rock is nothing but lame and stupid. Blueface took to social media and showed their months-old dirty laundry and claimed it is one of the many reasons why Rock cannot be a mother. Social media was quick to slam Blue for his barmy social media attacks on Rock.

Via Media Take Out;


Blueface continues the humiliation of the mother of his child…and aired Chrisean Rock’s dirty laundry on social media.

Blueface has been consistently claiming the former athlete will not be a good mother. On Instagram, he showed off the laundry room. The floor was covered with dirty clothes. Blueface says he told her to do the laundry but she has refused.

“Look at this sh*t, y’all. I done told this hoe to do the goddamn laundry for about a month now. I tell her, it’s not that hard, baby. Look, if you separate the clothes every day and just do a load a day, it’ll be less work,” he said in the clip. “But if you let the scene bleed all year long it’s gon’ be crazy.’ On God, I’m supposed to deal with this? Somebody said get a housekeeper or a maid. What’s the point of having a b-tch if I gotta get a housekeeper or a maid?”

Fans watched the video and said it looked like it was mostly Blueface’s clothing on the floor and that he should wash his own laundry.

The fact that Blueface believes he is any better than Rock baffles me; the dude has dated Rock all these years despite the red flags because he is no better.


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