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Blueface Denies Chrisean Rock’s Pregnancy And Demands DNA Test

Blueface Denies Chrisean Rock's Pregnancy And Demands DNA Test

Chrisean Rock announced her pregnancy on Instagram, and without a second thought, we all believed the unborn child belongs to his boyfriend Blueface.

However, Blueface took to Twitter not to only deny the pregnancy and end things with CR but also to accuse Rock of sleeping with ten men over the past year. So the baby is not his until Rock does DNA to prove it. Blueface tolerating CR’s abuse just to dump her after pregnancy is the weirdest sh-t this year.


Blueface says he is done with Rock officially and the only relationship they have now is business and nothing romantic. So the kid ain’t his.

It turns out CR is not scared of DNA because she is confident Blueface is the father hence threatening that after the result comes out positive, Blueface will never see the kid because she will pronounce him dead to the kid. CR treating Blueface like a dead person is the most exciting news this year.


Media Take Out Reports;

After Chrisean Rock announced her pregnancy on social media, Blueface denied he was the father and asked for a DNA test.

He said he will not acknowledge the child until she’s had the test.

“To answer y’all questions yes me an rock are officially done it’s strictly business I tried it an clearly it wasn’t giving before she announces…she’s pregnant with somebody else’s child not mine (praying hands emoji),”
The tweeted.

According to Blueface, Chrisean has been with 10 different men.

Chrisean clapped back: “Promise you. I don’t need a cent from u . Then wen we do a DNA test and it’s yours just know I’ll tell my children you died so u wouldn’t have a excuse to be in the child life. This my baby n dats dat.”

Last year, Chrisean claimed she aborted 3 of Blueface’s babies and says she wants twins or triplets to make up for the babies she’s “killed.”

For a moment, I thought these folks could never part ways but maintain their toxic relationship until one kills the other. I never thought pregnancy is what will break them, interesting. It is saddening that the unborn kid will be exposed to this toxicity.


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