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Blueface Claims Lil Baby And Rick Ross Want To Have S-x With Chrisean Rock

Blueface Claims Lil Baby And Rick Ross Want To Have S-x With Chrisean Rock

While Chrisean Rock claims she is getting close to other rappers like Lil Baby and Rick Ross for networking purposes, her boyfriend Blueface says it is nothing about business but s-xual interest for the men and even Chrisean. According to Blueface, the men are just trying to f*** CR and not to help in her rap career.

Blueface continued that Crisean Rock is not that trustworthy to be left around these men in the name business; they will end up f—ing and destroying Rock’s career even more.

The thing is, Blueface and Chrisean Rock started as business partners but later moved into a romantic/abusive relationship and destroyed each other’s career with silliness, so Blueface is too insecure to leave Rock with another man in the name of music business.

Via Media Take Out;

Blueface claims Lil Baby and Rick Ross are being friendly towards Chrisean Rock because they want to sleep with her.

Bootleg Kev suggested that networking with them would be good for her career…but Blueface thinks they both would want to sleep with her first.

“Hell no. Because it’s not gonna be real networking,” said the rapper.

Kev asked why it would not be a good idea: “Not when they’re tryna f-ck, that’s what he’s trying to say.”

“He says it, I just be like I don’t know,” Chrisean added.

“She knows,” Blueface said. “She knows she likes to play around.”

Blueface then brought up Lil Baby allegedly calling her sexy.

“She didn’t tell you he was like, ‘Oh you sexy, I want you around. You got potential, come to the studio. What’s your number?’ I don’t know if she likes that or not but she trying to water it down,” Blue continued. “If she networking, by all means it’s cool. But once there’s money being talked about and business being exchanged now it’s unprofessional.”

I doubt if Blueface is in a position to protect Chrisean Rock, but he is not entirely wrong as well. He knows his kind.

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