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Blueface Asks Security To Throw Chrisean Rock Out During “No Jumper” Interview

Revenge Tape! Chrisean Rock Posts S** Tape With Blueface On Instagram After Accusing Him Of Cheating

A few weeks back, Chrisean Rock in an interview with Kai Cenat went into a frenzy and threw a chair into his wall. Today, CR on “No Jumpers” was too intoxicated and a maniac, so her crazy boyfriend Blueface had to let security carry her outside while he continued with the interview.

Rock’s antics grow increasingly daily, and her fans cannot ignore her crazy outbursts anymore. CR does not need any more of the pampering, b-tch needs help with the drugs and the toxic lifestyle.  

VladTV Reports;

The Chrisean Rock and Blueface saga continues with its latest installment by way of a tantrum thrown by Chrisean Rock during a No Jumper interview. 

Video captured Chrisean’s meltdown as she was apparently under the influence of alcohol. She can be heard calling out for Blueface as he directs security to take her outside presumably so he could finish the interview.

The video has made its rounds on social media and has many people expressing their concern for Chrisean and her volatile behavior. 

CR cannot change alone, she is too invested in this sh-t. Too bad there’s no one in her family to help her before things get out of hand.

B-tch might hurt someone soon, she is incorrigible, and considering her go-to reaction to situations is violence, I fear for people close to her.

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