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Blueface And DJ Akademiks Drag Each Other On Twitter Over Claims That His House Is In Foreclosure

Blueface And DJ Akademiks Drag Each Other On Twitter Over Claims That His House Is In Foreclosure

Blueface and DJ Akademiks have been having a back-and-forth after AK disclosed on his podcast that one of Blueface’s houses has been served with foreclosure. AK added that Blueface has been under drug influence. AK made the drug claims because Blueface on “No Jumper” accused Drake of chasing his girlfriend because Drake is obsessed with him.

According to DJ Akademiks, only a drug addict can make silly claims as such. There have been several indications of Blueface taking drugs, I’m surprised it took AK this long to realize it.

Blueface took to Twitter to drag AK saying the house is being taken by the bank due to security reasons, and it has nothing to do with money. The troubled rapper/actor/ Onlyfans model says he is richer than AK will ever be in his entire life hence he should stop taking shots at him and get a real job.

Blueface is advising AK to get a real job while he is on Onlyfans and also trading his toxic relationship for money. The dude is indeed on some cheap drugs.

Via Media Take Out;

More bad news for Blueface who revealed that his home is in foreclosure.

Blueface also took the time to take a shot at DJ Akademiks. The pair kicked the year off beefing with each other online and it’s still ongoing.

“They tryna take my 2nd house because the police has labeled it as a ‘nuisance’ to the area. Due to…to many 911 calls for Robbery shootings fights ETC. I know ak thought he ate an had a way to say he had more doe then me but money can’t fix everything ak has 1 house he’s renting,” he tweeted.

Bet not turn the fade down after you said all that for lil baby,” he continued. “Your next response better be yo best caught you Ina mouse trap now.”

Ak recently claimed Blueface is on drugs. His tweet came after a clip surfaced of his No Jumper interview with on-off girlfriend, Chrisean Rock.

“Blueface on drugs guys … it was confirmed to me by a few ppl and definitely once he said Drake followed his girl cuz he was infatuated with him… Cmon dog . Get some help,” Ak tweeted.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have done enough crazy sh-ts for everyone to know they are on drugs, I’m surprised he attacked AK because of the obvious.

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