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Black Chyna Slaps TikToker Ava Louise With A Cease And Desist Letter Over Kidnapping And S-x Trafficking Claims

Black Chyna Slams TikToker Ava Louise With A Cease And Desist Letter Over Kidnapping And S-x Trafficking Claims

Ava Louise, the very Tiktoker who claims Kanye West is gay and his partner was the late Virgil Abloh may be facing charges on the kidnapping and s-x-trafficking claims against Blac Chyna.

According to Ava, she was held hostage and was made to sign NDA while Chyna made plans to s-x traffic her. Chyna claims every bit of the story is false hence threatening legal action to that effect.

By the way, Ava Louise’s story is ridiculous at the very least. Why didn’t she go to the cops right away but waited for god knows when to make these claims?

Ava Louise has had several threats due to the false stories she shares on her platform. B-tch actually admitted to making up stories for social media following. While nothing came out of the several lawsuit threats from the numerous personalities Ava defamed, we hope Blac Chyna makes a difference this time and saves her sh-tty public image at least.

Ava appears to target a particular section of celebrities, those who are attention seekers just like herself.

Via TMZ:

Blac Chyna is denying allegations of kidnapping and s-x trafficking Ava Louise … she says the claims are just a desperate attempt to boost the TikTok star’s following.

BC had her lawyers fire off a cease and desist letter to Ava after the social media star recently uploaded a series of TikTok posts where she accused Chyna of holding her hostage and trying to pimp her out

In the legal letter, obtained by TMZ, Chyna says everything Ava’s alleging is “false, extreme and outrageous” … and her lawyers are demanding that she immediately cease and desist … or face the legal consequences.

Blac Chyna’s legal team is also taking aim at Ava’s credibility … they say it’s part of a pattern of “menacing and outrageous conduct” to increase Ava’s social media platform, saying Ava previously admitted to making up false rumors about Kanye West hooking up with YouTube beauty guru Jeffree Star.

It’s worth noting … Kris Jenner threatened Ava with a lawsuit last year after Ava claimed she received a cease and desist letter from Kris’ company threatening legal action if she didn’t stop making allegations about Kim and Kanye.

Kris’ camp says they never sent Ava such a letter and her story was all made up.

This cease and desist letter, however, is legit.

Blac Chyna has a history of losing defamatory cases though. Earlier this year Chyna lost a $100K defamatory case she filed against the Kardashians. However, she better follow through with this and win otherwise her a** is going to prison if Ava takes her on.

Here is a clip of Ava Louise’ s-x-trafficking claims against Blac Chyna:

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