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Blac Chyna In Deep Sh** As Blonde IG Model Accuses Her Of Kidnapping And Trying To S** Traffic Her

Blac Chyna In Deep Sh-t As Blonde IG Model Accuses Her Of Kidnapping And Trying To Traffic Her

Blac Chyna after losing like the loser she is in her $100 million lawsuit against the Kardashians has found herself in a messy situation and if allegations by one blonde Instagram model that she kidnapped and tried s-x trafficking her are anything to go by, she’s likely to end up in jail if this model drags her a** to the law court.

If this model got evidence that Blac Chyna and her friends tried s-x trafficking her, the law courts are where she should be heading—and not social media.

Media Take Out reports:

Blac Chyna is being accused of holding a young woman against her will. And Media Take Out learned that the woman is claiming that Chyna and her friends were trying to “traffic” her.

The woman claiming to have been held hostage by Blac Chyna over the summer is sharing her side of the alleged experience. In a video series shared on TikTok, Instagram model Ava Louise shared with her 600k+ followers that in August she was held captive by Blac Chyna, born Angela Renée White.

The influencer recalled the alleged traumatic morning and said, “Blac Chyna held me hostage and I’m pretty sure she was trying to sex traffic me.”

According to Ava Louise, her interactions with the former reality star started on IG. Blac Chyna allegedly DM’d her to see if she wanted to collab on OnlyFans content. After talking on Facetime, Ava Louise agreed to meet Blac Chyna at her L.A. home at 4 a.m.

She said, “In hindsight going to Blac Chyna’s house at 4 a.m. is probably stupid, but, I’m me and I love a good adventure. Who’s going to turn down going to Blac Chyna’s house and meeting [her daughter] Dream Kardashian?”

Ava Louise continued and shared that upon her arrival she had to sign an NDA “unlike any NDA” she’s ever signed before. Allegedly, she was required to put down key “identifying features” about her physical look, including her “hair color, eye color, and height” on the legal document. After signing the NDA that’s when things turned sour and Blac Chyna allegedly said, “All the things you read about me kidnapping people are true.”

Here is a video of the blonde IG model letting the world know how Blac Chyna and her friends kidnapped and tried s-x trafficking her:

And here is a supposed chat between Blac Chyna and the blonde IG model:

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