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Billionaire Ned Nwoko’s Moroccan Wife, Laila Charani, Has Divorced Him

Billionaire Ned Nwoko's Moroccan Wife, Laila Charani, Has Divorced Him

One of billionaire Ned Nwoko’s wives, Laila Charani, who is probably tired of him chasing after younger women and making them his wives, has dumped him.

Laila Charani made the breakup announcement on her Instagram Story and let everyone know that she’s no longer married to polygamous Ned Nwoko.

Laila says that anyone who followed her because of Ned Nwoko should unfollow her because she’s done with him and moved on with her life.

Regina Daniels is probably popping champagne to this news forgetting that Ned Nwoko could replace Laila with a 16-year-old girl!

Check the screengrab below…