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Big Scarr’s Girlfriend Zekearahlati Blasts His Family For Using His Death To Chase Clout

Big Scarr's Girlfriend Zekearahlati Blasts His Family For Using His Death To Chase Clout

Oh, finally we have seen one clear-thinking individual in Big Scarr‘s life before he passed and that is his girlfriend, Zekearahlati. After Big Scarr passed last month, it has been one silly drama after the other. Scarr’s brother Quezz Ruthless and his sister blasted Gucci Mane severally for not honoring paying the funeral bills as promised meanwhile Gucci did pay.

Yesterday, Quezz Ruthless released a music video shot during the funeral of Big Scarr and her girlfriend is upset. She is upset because apart from disrespecting Big Scarr with their lame video which involves smoking and other sh-ts, they supposedly wore Big Scarr’s pieces of jewelry and clothes for the video.

Zekearahlati says Big Scarr’s family and friends used his tragic passing for clout and did not even allow themselves to grieve for the 22 years old. She says their actions are embarrassing and disgusting.

Via Media Take Out;

Big Scarr’s girlfriend took to social media to call his family out for filming a music video at his funeral.

“Y’all really FAILED Alex as a family & friends,” she wrote in a since-deleted post. “Y’all aired ALL his personal business out, from the preparation to the funeral till afterwards. WTF happened to privacy?? Flexing in his jewelry like it’s yours.”

She continued: “PUT HIS SH-T UP! He not here to put it on you so don’t wear his sh-t. EMBARRASSING as hell. It’s only one BIG SCARR he can never be duplicated! Can’t even grieve in peace! Too much clout chasing going on! Sh-t disgusting!”

Quezz posted the video to Youtube. The track features BankRoll Tink and is called “Frozen Heart.” Fans have accused Quezz of using the outrage over his brother’s funeral for clout. He went viral after Gucci Mane sent $10,000 to cover funeral costs.

Quezz has not publicly addressed the claims of clout chasing.

Well since Big Scarr’s family decided to use the dude’s funeral as an avenue to generate money and gain attention for their failing music careers, with silly actions, they are hindering Scarr’s girlfriend’s mourning process so she is livid. Sadly, the poor kid did not get that form of loyalty from any of his family and friends.

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