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Beyonce Sends GuiltyBeatz Flower Bouquet As Appreciation For Wishing Her On Her 40th Birthday – Shatta Wale Is Still Waiting For His

Beyonce Sends GulityBeatz Flower Bouquet As Appreciation For His Birthday Message On Her 40th Birthday

Beyonce has appreciated Ghanaian music producer, Ronald Banful, aka GuiltyBeatz for his beautiful birthday message to her while celebrating her 40th birthday two weeks ago. His birthday message to Beyonce read; “Happy birthday to the Queen @beyonce 👑 more blessings and grace!”

GuiltyBeatz and Beyonce have a working relationship and it looks like their relationship keeps growing each passing day. The celebrity producer produced three songs on Beyonce’s “The Lion King: The Gift” album and got recognized accordingly so I’m not surprised she sent him a flower bouquet to appreciate him.

The message on the card inside the flower bouquet Beyonce sent to GuiltyBeatz reads; “Thank you for your beautiful birthday message. Your kindness and generosity will always inspire me. Love, B”.

Shatta Wale is probably waiting for a flower bouquet from Beyonce, for what exactly?