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Beef Alert: Fella Makafui Is Too Bitter – Sister Derby

Beef Alert: Fella Makafui Is Too Bitter - Sister Derby

Fella Makafui after snatching Sister Derby’s boyfriend, Medikal from her is still bitter according to a post on Sister Derby’s Instagram stories.

This comes on the heels of Medikal performing with his ex-girlfriend, Sister Derby during his 2019 “Welcome To Sowutuom” Concert.

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Medikal on the night surprised his fans by performing with his ex-girlfriend, Sister Derby on the stage.

Sister Derby and Medikal performed their hit song titled “Too Risky” and it was massive on the night.

Well, according to Sister Derby, Fella Makafui on the night gave her attitude and her response to her greetings was a clear indication that she never supported the idea of Medikal inviting her to his show.

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Sister Derby on her Instagram stories wrote: “Last night I was given the most hateful look ever from someone. She was full of disgust and to make things worse I greeted her and it seemed she wanted to make me disappear. I wonder how someone can have so much hate when I have never wronged her or anyone close to her”.

Apparently, Fella Makafui is feeling insecure and she is scared that as she snatched Medikal, Sister Derby might bounce back and take what’s rightfully hers back.

Medikal, Fella Makafui and Sister Derby─the definition of drama reloaded!

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