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BEEF! 50 Cent Trolls Madonna For Lip-syncing On TikTok And Calls Her Actions ‘BS’

BEEF! 50 Cent Trolls Madonna For Lip-syncing On TikTok And Calls Her Actions 'BS'

Madonna says 64 years is nothing but a number, so we should allow her to act silly on social media.

So, Madonna does not want to act her age, and rapper 50 Cent has decided not to leave her alone. Madonna over the years has made it clear that she will not follow the standards set for old folks but will create her own path so she has been engaged in some ridiculous acts that even these sl-ts on Instagram can’t relate to. And though a lot of people call her out, 50 Cents‘ trolls appear to hurt her the most.


Presently, Madonna is active on TikTok with some insane content that got a lot of followers’ attention. But a particular video got 50 Cent to resume his trolling of our grandma and that is Madonna lip-syncing Kendrick Lamar‘s rap song ‘Vent’. Wondering why just Madonna rapping can cause another beef? Ooh, it was a bit silly.

According to 50, Madonna is using rap songs for clouts on TikTok and further called grandma’s act ‘b-llsh-t like a virgin at 64’. So 50 has a history of these silly back-and-froths with Madonna where he and ‘grandma’ in their just-ended feud called 50 a misogynist, ageist, and s-xeist.


So, to what extent is Madonna willing to go prove she’s not gonna conform to the social standard of old age? Her actions appear she’s going through a lot of pressure to prove otherwise which is exactly what she is running from in the first place. These old folks don’t have to conform to any social standards but they don’t have to act crazy to prove any point.

Vlad Reports;

Over the last year, 50 Cent and Madonna have exchanged words on social media after the rapper trolled numerous Instagram posts made by the legendary singer. Recently, Madonna took to TikTok and posted a video of her lip-syncing to Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar’s song “Vent,” which caused 50 to respond. 

The rapper posted a screenshot of a photo of Madonna, along with a headline saying, “Madonna Using Rap Music for Clout on TikTok is Pathetic and Truly Disturbs My Spirit.” 50’s caption on the post said, “I told y’all grandma was on bulls**t! like a virgin at 64. LOL.

Previously, 50 clowned Madonna for thirst trap photos she posted, then apologized. Following the apology, the rapper continued to clown her after Madonna called his apology “bulls**t.” 

Now, back to 50 Cent, once you start acting crazy for personal reasons, we have people that will call you out. And that’s exactly what 50 is doing.


Madonna is acting crazy in the name of not conforming and there should be someone to call her out. She’s tripping and claims she is acting like the young which is BS!


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