Barima Sydney Halts The Release Of Music Video Of His ‘Papa no’ Hit Song

Barima Sydney Halts The Release Of Music Video Of His 'Papano' Hit Song
Barima Sydney

The release of the much-anticipated music video of Papano hit song has been halted due to a court application retraining them from releasing it.

The music video which was expected to be released on the 3rd September couldn’t be released. The management of Barima Sidney, Squadi-Yie Entertainment unveiled.

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This court order wouldn’t stop them from releasing as they are seeking to find a legal solution to it so it could be released sooner or later.

Barima Sydney disclosed that his music was not to defame the character of anyone as it was not directed to anyone in particular, and there was no name mentioning.

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It was not directed to the former president either. He only took advantage of the ‘papa no‘ trend to make a hit song.

This move is what inspired him to make a music video of papa no song which will be released anytime soon, though the official date isn’t out yet.