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Barack Obama’s Daughter, Sasha Obama, Is Being Slammed For Using A $700 Designer Bag To Carry Her College School Books

Barack Obama's Daughter, Sasha Obama, Is Being Slammed For Using A $700 Designer Bag To Carry Her College School Books

Peasants always have issues with rich and famous people spending their money and living lavishly but one thing they forget to grab is, it’s their money, and choose to do whatever they want with it. If you’re broke but a guru in how money should be spent wisely, make your own money first before slamming rich folks who’re living lavishly.

Peasants on the internet are going mad that President Barack Obama‘s daughter, Sasha Obama, used a $700 designer bag to carry her college school books. Should she have used a $5 bag to carry her books?

Hey, peasants, relax and focus on your dreams and if luck is on your side, you could also be rocking a $2,000 designer bag to the grocery shop someday.

For now, y’all should stop stressing Sasha Obama for being herself.

Via Media Take Out:

Sasha Obama has an impeccable fashion sense. Sometimes she looks like she’s walking a Paris runway, when she’s just on her way to class. Sasha currently is a senior at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Her style is eccentric, bold and colorful. Her accessories are usually coveted, with Barack’s daughter rocking the world’s leading brands and melding them effortlessly to her looks. This week, she was spotted with one of the season’s most coveted items, a Telfar bag.

Unfortunately for Sasha, when pictures of her carrying the sold out $700 designer bag, people all over social media started criticizing her for excessive spending.

Sasha was photographed on her way to class, and was wearing a black dress and some tan boots with high black socks. The center of her outfit was her purse, a large Telfar bag in red.

More on the designer bag Sasha Obama rocked:

The bag is one of the biggest surprises in the fashion industry, becoming one of the most sought after bags in the world.

One of the aspects that make the bag so unique is the fact that it’s an accessible brand. While getting one of the bags is very difficult — they sell out immediately — they cost between 150 and 250 dollars.

Most celebrities get their Telfar bags on the secondary market, where bags like Sasha’s sell for approximately $700.

Here are photos of Sasha Obama looking pretty in her $700 designer bag:

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