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Badman Kevo Talks About His 6 Kids And 4 Baby Mamas And How He Pays Only $900 In Child Support

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Bandman Kevo was asked “how many kids he has” on VladTV, and the dude took a break to count his kids in his mind before answering the question about an hour later.

He doesn’t know the number of kids he has off his head. The YouTuber/male cosmetic surgery advocate claims he currently has six kids and four baby mamas but because he is self-employed and knows how to f— the system, he pays only $900 in child support to his ex-wife.

The controversial YouTuber with soo many titles added that he is in the process of writing books to help men from paying outrageous child support which ends up being spent by greedy baby mamas and not the kids.

What about a book that helps men to stop having babies with numerous toxic women and putting themselves in that position in the first place? Naa, Badman has no interest in writing a book like that.

The 32-year-old YouTuber prefers having kids with different women and fighting his way through child support payment.

Via Vlad;

Bandman Kevo talked about having six kids with four different women and how he only pays $900 in child support to his first BM.

He explained how making himself an employee of his own company protected his wealth and gave him a stabilized income that only afforded his BM the $900.

Bandman Kevo said he’s planning to write books to give advice to men going through situations like child support and how best to navigate it.

If he had written the book earlier, he would have saved Kanye West and others some dollars.

Here is Bandman Kevo’s interview:

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