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Bad Girls Club’s Janelle Shanks Gets BBL And Now Has Huge A** And Tiny Legs

Bad Girls Club's Janelle Shanks Gets BBL And Now Has Huge A** And Tiny Legs

26-year-old bony Janelle Shanks from Bad Girls Club: Ooh, she is not bony anymore; she has bought herself some ridiculous a**, and although it looks weird, she seems to be loving it and seems to have no interest in covering it. 

Although Cardi B and many other celebrities have come forward about the harm plastic surgery caused them and how it did not improve their confidence but made them feel inferior, some celebrities and wannabe celebrities seem to now have gathered enough money to undergo the procedure. And Janelle Shanks is one of these folks.

From how Janelle is parading herself with the new BBL b-tt, it is evident she has been insecure about her body for years until now. Even though it looks crooked, Janelle doesn’t mind.

Via Media Take Out;

Remember Janelle, the toothpick thin girl on Bad Girls Club season 11? Well she’s been going back and forth to Mexico, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic for surgeries.

And the rest is pretty shocking, Media Take Out has learned.

Janelle, also known as “The Weaveologist” and “The Black Barbie,” is famous for her participation in the eleventh season of the Oxygen reality series. The most memorable part of the season was when she was forced to leave the Bad Girls house in Miami, Florida, after being involved in a physical fight with “Harlem Hothead” Tiana Miller.

She was in her early twenties at the time of her appearance on the 2013 season of Bad Girls Club.

She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She began dating Brandon Rutherford. She and Shanae Thomas first appeared on Bad Girls Club in episode five, replacing Sarah Oliver, a.k.a. “The Bootylicious Blondie,” and Milyn Jensen “The Star Chaser.”

Young women subjecting themselves to this torture to attain the delusional beauty standard is insane. Even Blac Chyna has given up on plastic surgeries, let’s see how long it takes Janelle to come back whining about how terrible the idea was.

Here is Janelle Shanks’ old body:

And her new body after BBL:

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