Ayisha Modi Is Winner Of The Salty Beef Between Herself And Shatta Wale

Ayisha Modi Claims Shatta Wale Is Sleeping With His Cousin
Shatta Wale & Ayisha Modi

The SM Movement folks who would even eat Shatta Wale’s sh*t won’t agree that he lost the beef to Ayisha Modi but the truth is that, he lost miserably.

Shatta Wale had nothing to reveal about Ayisha Modi, all he kept spewing were insults while Ayisha kept dropping his dirty secrets.

TRENDING PHOTOS: Ayisha Modi Flaunts Her Polygamous Husband, Abass Sariki, Who Doubles As Shatta Wale’s Godfather

For the first time, Shatta Wale lost a beef not to a man but to a woman.

Shatta Wale is now quiet and probably waiting for the beef to dye off.

Ayisha Modi is now bragging that Shatta Wale is her stepson since she is married to his Godfather, Abass Sariki.